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The day that didn’t end

Today started off bad with missed calls and a message to say Nanny died in her sleep peacefully (around 4am our time).

It actually went downhill from there because you would kind of think that news would be the low point of the day.

Upset and hurt followed but hopefully now things are sorted to the satisfaction of all. I am not 100% about TW. He seems to carry some of the hurt still. It is actually really new and new to him – he isn’t used to people close to him dying. I don’t think he has processed it yet but he may have jumped to anger/hurt and he will have to pedal back and acknowledge it has happened before moving on to the grieving.

Today has dragged on and it feels surreal. Like a dream that was half a nightmare which we will wake from at any moment. TW will find he is only 20 and everyone is much younger again.

Time for a do-over. Honestly, I think there were enough hours in today to live another life time.

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MT is an avid traveller, travel agent and lover of (almost) all food. TW is a reluctant traveller, digital marketing guy and fussy eater.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Yes we are all grieving the loss of a great Mother Grandmother and Great Grandmother in or Lovely Betty . Tris should feel proud that both of you got to spend all that precious time with her when she first started to be ill Mum would not want either of you to feel sad be glad for the life she lived and how much she loved her grandchildren and great grandchild We will have a video of Mums ‘ Farewell service and have included many pics of Tris with Mum in it . If Tris wants something read out on his behalf please let us know Remember Mums’ last words to you were “go and enjoy your trip and I love you have a good time” just remember her words and go forth without feeling sad We love you both very much and thanks for all the support Love Mum (Williams) xx

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