Lola in Singapore
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The journey begins

Cat Sitters organised and have already visited Lola a few times. She likes them, so that is good. They love her, everyone loves her but they love her which is also good.

The trip I wasn’t going to take is one I am now taking. Booking last minute and then changing my flights on the weekend to leave earlier than I intended.

All done, house cleaned and ready. Everything cleaned and ready. Lola annoyed at the suitcase being out. Me feeling guilty about leaving her so soon, Lola sulking because I am leaving.

Though she is also pretty happy because she got to spend the night with my while TW was in KL. After initially being annoyed the routine of him coming home was broken, she was pretty happy he was gone. He tells me that when I am away she is similarly happy. I think she secretly wants one of us out of the picture so she gets all the attention.

Dubbo here I come, I will be heading to the workshop of TallTanny Creations to get some pieces and then off to the nothingness of my parents home.

4 hours until go time. But I have to wait about 6 hours for a client to respond to an email on an urgent booking. It’s cool. No stress here.

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