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The joys of randomness

We shared our house hunters international episode with friends and family. Super awkward, kind of embarrassing but still fun and cool and unique. While tonnes of people have done it, it still isn’t that many people.

House hunters international. wearing tall tanny creation earrings. Instagram post

I guess with all the reality TV shows around the world a lot of people now have insight into the TV production world. It is super interesting.

Friends set up with popcorn or lunch or dinner sat down to watch. I assume laugh at us but that is the point. Some may yell at the TV, we were aiming for that.

Meg from White Fox Tattoo sent a photo of her lounge room. Ready to watch our House hunters international episode
Meggy from White Fox Tattoo getting ready to watch

We love watching the show and yelling at the TV and then googling to see if they survive… Because your always sure it will end in tragedy. No happy couple has ever been on and that one time one was, they were so boring. Ruining it for all the other people who wanted to portray a happy couple.

So we brought some smiles to the face of people we know. Much more than we expected when we applied. Have to be happy with that. Plus we enjoyed our time filming and with the crew on House Hunters… and we got a tiny little bit of money. Many happy wins.

House Hunters International – A fresh start in Singapore

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