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Tian Tian chicken rice

Anthony Bourdain made it famous and for me it was quite bland. The cold climey chicken made my tongue revolt on the first bite. It was promptly spat out. I did manage to get through it. The rice is certainly the highlight and can be ordered for much less than the dish with the poached chicken breast.

It is the rice, the dish is famous for the fragrant rice. Basically tastes like rice that’s been cooked in chicken stock. No real spice or notes of fragrance.

I guess my palete is not as sophisticated as Mr Bourdain’s was that or he had a sheltered palete such that a tiny hint of any spice undiscernable to those frequently exposed to such things in ordinary life seemed like an explosion of flavour to him.

As a non American I tend to think Americans find bland food overly flavourful and I’ve witnessed first hand how spicy some found a slight hint of cinnamon. Not red hot chewing gum just a half pinch of cinnamon in a dish for 8. Phewy they thought they ate a ghost chili.

It was decent. I would like it better as take away and heat up the chicken. Just not amazing.

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