French Polynesian Islands – Bora Bora, Tikehau and Mo’orea

Do we honeymoon too often? I don’t think so. Only, this is not another honeymoon, honest. Just a bucket list trip. You don’t have to be on your honeymoon to visit Bora Bora or Tahitian Islands. Researching showed that many divers head to Tikehau or Rangiroa.

Too many islands, not enough days to get to them all. We prioritised what we wanted to see. Bora Bora, the bucket list destination of course made it on the list. I also wanted to see a pink sand beach and one of the garden isles if we could.

You can read about our trip by clicking one of the links below.

We arrived in Tahiti and then travelled up to Tikehau you can read post 1, 2, 3.

Next we headed to Bora Bora. Unfortunately I lost my drafts for that so those posts are still coming. Watch out for update.

Mo’orea was our third island stop before heading home. Again, I will update when the post is complete.

We booked our package through a luxury island wholesaler Island Destinations. What they were able to offer me was far better than any other package I could put together myself as a travel agent or by any other means. They specialise in luxury island destinations so this was the perfect fit for us both. If you are interested in a quote contact me here.