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Tikehau – day six

Tikehau French Polynesia

Today is our last day at Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort. It happens to be Easter Sunday, also known as our our “Easterversary”. Our wedding was 16 April 2017 which was also Easter Sunday. With Easter changing date each year we decided we can celebrate twice. Any time the 16th is again Easter Sunday the celebration has to be bigger.

Still need to pack

Yay, our clothes aren’t packed and we aren’t organised. Double yay, our bill and check out instructions are under the door (sarcasm, right). Yay, we don’t want to go. Don’t make us go.

We don’t want to pack. Don’t want to leave. Don’t want to go to Bora Bora, even though it is world famous and Tikehau isn’t. Please don’t make us go. How could it possibly be as good, or better than here. Don’t make me leave.


Mini freak out. We don’t pack. We do watch sharks and eat breakfast. Today is the first day, our last day, that I realise we could have ordered eggs from the kitchen as part of the buffet. I don’t know if I would have their pastries were really amazing and I tended to stick with those and I have already finished my breakfast when I realise so I am too full to do that today.

It is good to know though, that you can order an omelette, fried eggs etc should you wish to have eggs a certain way, as part of the buffet breakfast. I tell Triston. He asks if I wanted any or would have ordered if I knew days before, he says he might have. Neither of us do today. We need to get back to the room and pack. Triston had left the room after me and I saw our breakfast shark so we stop on the way back in the hopes he will also see it. We don’t see him.

We don’t want to leave Tikehau!

Tahiti French Polynesia Tikehau Beach Resort
A little bit of the room. We were packing up to leave, forgot to take room photos on arrival.

We should pack, so we get ready to start packing and touch everything we own and decide we should get in the water instead. The overwater steps is where we head. Lots of fish hang around me. I am still unsure if they are hoping to be fed or if I smell like sugar because I drink too much soft drink.

They tend to like me more than Triston and so do mosquitoes so maybe I do smell sweet. We decided to go barefoot. The flippers are our own and we don’t want to pack them wet. We could borrow some from the hotel but it is the other direction from the launch spot and well the extra 10 steps to it just seem unnecessary. Barefoot and snorkel mask. Our snorkel masks were with broken or missing, mine was missing, when we went to find and pack them at home.

We borrowed masks from the hotel which means we don’t need to dry or pack them. Our reef shoes and flippers need to be packed. Those we want to allow time to dry. Ew, wet reef shoes in with the rest of our stuff, can you imagine? We do wear our swimmers and hope we are in and out early enough for them to dry before we need to pack them.

Tahiti French Polynesia Tikehau Beach Resort
The water is so clear and sometimes it is so calm

One last snorkel before we leave Tikehau

Lots of fish, some fun with fish. I get swarmed and circled by some fish. A couple keep running in to the camera so I hold it closer to my chest. They just swim closer to me. I change the camera to video in the hopes that I can record them circling me. Triston is somewhere else and he isn’t seeing this or being circled. Just fish, no sharks, I don’t think they are getting ready to feed. I get a little panicked because so many fish and getting so close. I feel trapped. Then a big fish joins the crowd.

Wow, these cute fish have managed to intimidate my by swimming in loops. The little fish I was almost ok with, once the big fish (still not a shark) joins in, that’s it. I am unsettled and head back to the stairs. Triston meets me there. I tell him about and say he should go. Now that I am away from it I think it might have been fun so he should try. I swim him over to the spot. No fish are around. A few show up but it isn’t the same. It is close to pack up time so we go back to the stairs.

One of the others guests is also using these stairs to get in to the water. He has a lounge floaty and has tied it to the stairs by some string. I start to get out of the water but slip on the bottom step. It is covered with sea grass and algae like green stuff which is a bit slippery. The floaty is blown off the stairs by a strong gust of wind.

Falling for you

As I fall my hand reaches out and I somehow catch the string for the floaty. It wouldn’t have gone too far. Triston is still in the water, it isn’t like I just saved a falling baby from a burning building but I am amused by the timing. I hand the string back. I have to climb up a few more stairs because I can’t yet reach that high. He ties in on a bit better this time and once we have room to get out of the water we do.

This time we pack. Swimmers are out to dry. Everything else is packed. We mope about. When it is time to head to the marina for our transfer, we pack the swimmers in a couple of plastic bags and say our final goodbyes to Tikehau.

Tahiti French Polynesia Tikehau Beach Resort
The boat is ready to take us away from this paradise. Pretty and sad at the same time.

Tikehau day 6 was 1 April 2018
Updated 27 September 2019

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