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Toy Story 4, Garden Rhapsody.

Gardens by the Bay’s Garden Rhapsody for the next two weeks is a Toy Story 4, Disney collaboration display.

The display was, well, umm, not my favourite. I was excited for the Disney display but it was short at only 10 minutes.

It did, however, have some pre-show activities which likely made the evening more enjoyable for kids and families.

Free toys, a giant marble run, bubbles and a carnival.

We had a decent night, despite the disappointment of the main event. There were fireworks in Marina Bay, which we caught a glimpse of through the flag shrouded Marina Bay Sands building.

On our walk home we also caught a live performance. Very interesting. We didn’t see much of it.

I enjoyed the change in pace. TW was tired and cranky so he wanted to stay home.

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