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Travel and sickness

You might remember a few days ago I wrote about sneezing and with the second sneeze I was sick. Well, I was hoping that yesterday would be the break and today I would be mostly recovered.

It didn’t quite end up that way so I had to rush to the Dr this morning to try and make sure I could fly tonight. Once again I have over 10 tablets, sprays and syrups to take.

Luckily I’m not sick sick I’m blocked sick. I am past a certain point and should be recovering but there is still a big build up so to ensure safe flying I need to dissolve the mucus, phlegm and all the gross gooey things from every angle and apply drops, sprays and gels during the flight to make sure I don’t have a dysfunction of any sort.

I woke up with an ear canal so blocked that half my face was numb and after the first few rounds of tablets a lot of that has already cleared up.

Last time, in December, I was at this stage and it moved down to my chest. It took weeks to recover. This time I have everything I need. Though I didn’t need to fly anywhere last time so hopefully this all works.

The first few days on the ground might be rough but with a funeral scheduled for tomorrow they probably weren’t going to be amazing anyway.

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