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Travels with Nan

Welcome to the Travels with Nan. In 2017 Nan travelled to India with us for our destination wedding. As multi-generation Australian everyone was a bit apprehensive about India as a destination. We had many rude, hurtful and downright wrong comments about out choice. Not from Nan though. She RSVP’d yes and away we went.

Las year Nan turned 80. This year (2020) sees my cousin get married in Bali. Nan is attending his wedding, we are meeting her in Bali. Not at the wedding, Triston and I weren’t invited. Handy though as we will now only just get back from Barcelona in time to get to Bali to pick Nan up. We will have 2 days in Bali with Nan and then another 10 or 12 days in Singapore.

Travels with Nan, India Wedding -Tuk Tuk, Nan behind us
Nan in the background

On days when I intentionally think about blogging, we really slow down and appreciate everything we are able to do. Knowing this, I am intending to blog about some of the activities we get up to with Nan. This way we can create better memories with her but also have a decent record of those moments as well.

I will include posts about India as well as our new adventures. Now that we don’t live in Australia anymore, most moments will somehow revolve around travels with Nan. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It could be in Australia, we did a mini road trip together last year. She had to drive herself home though.

I have created a playlist on my youtube channel where I plan to add videos we create together along the way. Below is a quick introduction video I created using iMovie and footage from our wedding.

Follow along for our adventures together. Hopefully along the way we can come up with some tips and tricks for anyone else planning to travel with their nan.

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