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TW is sick

Sick, sad and sleeping.

I think he got what I had before we went to New York. He has all the same medication so it seems the Dr thinks it pretty similar. I hope this isn’t just a case of mutating it and then giving it to each other. That could be an endless cycle and it will become antibiotic resistant pretty quick if that is the case.

It took me a solid week to get any energy back so I hope his boring days sleeping today and yesterday help he get back on his feet faster. The only time he has left the apartment since we got home was to see the Dr.

We keep saying it was lucky we upgraded because he could rest well on the flight. We had a lot of food and water and easy access to food and water which isn’t always the case in economy. Without that he could have easily slipped straight in to a more serious condition like pneumonia.

The sad part is we didn’t realise he was about to be so sick, had we, we probably would have seen a Dr in San Fran and delayed the flight. Really hoping no one else gets sick from him, though he probably got it from someone else on one of our flights.

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