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Universal – 3 day ban

Triston and I had booked Universal Studios for today. I was a little apprehensive about going. They can only allow maximum of 25% capacity in but people who have the front of the line pass get to skip the queue on rides. We don’t have those passes and we don’t think the park is worth paying the extra for.

Reports are around that if you don’t have that extra pass then the wait times are 2 to 3 hours. Not because of the volume of people in the park but because very limited numbers are allowed on the rides at a time and after each go they get a deep clean. So each ride takes less people and longer to load. While you wait for that to happen, the people with the front of the line pass just get to keep skipping ahead of you.

We also found out over the weekend that someone, while infectious, visited our local shops last Sunday. We wen’t to the store last Sunday and someone sneezed near us. I am pretty sure we went in the morning and they were there in the afternoon but I don’t remember fully. It could have been Saturday that we went in the morning and Sunday we went early afternoon. So hard to know.

We haven’t been contacted so, given our app was on and we have to sign in and out of the shopping centre, if we were in contact with the person we would likely know. Still, it is a little unsettling and going to a theme park and potentially carrying the virus isn’t a great thing to do. So, we stayed home.

But, there isn’t a way to cancel the booking. I tried. If you book a date and don’t show up, you get a 3 day ban. We can’t go for 3 days. That is ok. I think we are unlikely to go anywhere during the week. School holidays are coming soon also, so we will likely avoid it that whole time.

A 3 day ban is fine, I would rather help keep the community safe than go to Universal.

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