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Universal Singapore season pass

With the coronavirus affecting opening hours and the movements of a lot of people around the world we thought it was a great time to go to Singapore’s universal studios.

I am not a huge fan of universal when compared to Disney but there is no Disney theme park in Singapore so it has to do.

A one day ticket is somewhere like $80 once you add on taxes. For slightly more ($109) you can get a season pass. Season passes are 6 month passes. An annual pass is close to $200 I think. I don’t remember exactly. It is easy to find online though.

We decided it was worth paying a little extra to have 6 months but not worth the 12 months. We do still have our gardens by the bay passes through to Jan 2021. So. We can’t be having everything all at once.

Saturday morning we went, bought tickets, entered and then signed up for the season pass. This is where we met sick coughing kid from my previous post.

The process was simple. It took about half an hour to get the season pass as there was a line and it seemed some people just took hours. Ours took about 3 minutes once our number was finally called.

I didn’t realise there was a hanging roller-coaster. We got the front seat. It was fun. Funner than I expected. Short though. Everything seems short at high speed I guess.

We made the mistake of going on a water ride. Getting drenched. Then going on another ride with lots of turns. We were too dizzy to carry on for the day so before lunch we were home again.

Good thing we got the season pass and didn’t just have to do everything in one day.

Today we went back. I can go back on my own if I want, on week days. Again we left before lunch. Today we did some of the rides we missed and also went on one from yesterday.

Storm clouds came over on what had been a hot humid sunny morning and just trapped in the heat. The increase in humidity just made it uncomfortably hot for us so we went home.

We don’t have to suffer through unfavourable conditions. Yay. Season pass has already paid off.

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