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Universal Studios Singapore lines during COVID19

Once again we headed to Universal, on a Thursday.

This time I took some photos of the listed wait time on rides and the actual queue size where I could. After high tea on Saturday where I said I would pay attention because two ladies have younger daughters so they wanted more info on the kids rides.

So, here we go.

We didn’t arrive until 6:30pm. No free popcorn this time. It was a lovely evening, not as hot as last time we were here.

Initially, we went to the left, via Madagascar because the rides for shorter people seem to be more on this side of the park. The wait time said 15 minutes, not one person in the line.

Characters were out – that was the biggest line and most people we had seen to that point.

Over to Shrek, the rollercoaster there did have a bit more of a wait and there were certainly people in the queue.

Wait time said 25 minutes but with lines needed to social distance it is always hard to tell. They have to clean each ride between groups so everything does run slower than usual.

Puss in boots said 30 minutes but I couldn’t see any line without joining it and I wasn’t committed to going on it. Though, given that I couldn’t see anyone on my quick walk into the line, I feel it would be less than a half-hour wait.

Getting over towards the adult sized rides. The park did get a little busier. This would be the most people generally walking around that we say at any one time.

Treasure hunt said 5 minute wait but not one person was in the line at the time.

The mummy said 70 minutes but from taking the photo, putting our bag in lockers, lining up, going on the ride, going back to the locker and getting my phone back out it was less than half an hour.

Back to taking line photos, the wait said 35 minutes at the flyer but there were maybe 10 sets of people waiting in the line. I feel it was a 15 minute wait at best, even with the cleaning but we didn’t ride it so I can’t be sure.

We really didn’t see many people most of the time.

This was medium busy, we did spend a lot of time not really seeing anyone else.

We went on the Human rollercoaster. As we put stuff in the locker it said 5 minute wait but she changed the sign to 25 minutes as we walked in and got screened. Then, as 3 more groups joined the line an announcement was made that the wait was more like 40 minutes.

It took us about 15 minutes to line up, ride and leave. So I think the signs, especially on the Thursday nights, are an over estimate.

School holidays are approaching and we won’t go during those. We also have only been on Thursdays, we would go earlier in the week but Universal isn’t open Monday to Wednesday. We have a season pass so we don’t do much, one or three rides and leave. It is just a nice evening out.

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