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Update on our view

Slowly, more people have arrived on the construction site behind us. Slowly and rather quietly.

Today, I noticed what I thought was even more containers on the site. After watching for a little longer I realised they were actually moving the containers around and on leaning forward it looked like the ones that had been there but kind of directly below the fence line, so hard to see, had been moved.

One was being moved as I watched.

I am not entirely sure if they are ready to ramp up or if they have to just move all their workers onto the site, get tested, prove no one has covid and then start.

All construction was shut down during the circuit breaker, about 2 weeks in, before that, sites in critical phases could continue. Our cases were soaring so everything was shut when they ramped up the lock down after those first couple of weeks.

Now, now that things are slowly coming back, I realise just how quiet and pleasant it has been without all the works going on.

I am not sure I can go back to the old days of the building beside us or the offices below renovating. The dragging in and out of the tables for the restaurants on the ground floor. The terrible 3am karaoke. Oh, karaoke is not allowed back yet, so I don’t have to deal with that for a little while longer.

We have actually been very lucky, as these things start back up we will find out if Triston can continue to work from home here or not. If there is massive amounts of noise from the construction site during office hours (as there was starting to be back in Feb and March) then it is going to be an issue for him.

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