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Updates continue

So TW found it difficult to update the website. He tried to code it himself but didn’t get very far so I picked a new theme and started to create the logic myself.

TW may help in the future but for now I need to get the page set up as I hoped and then once it is done he can see the logic and maybe build something better but for now it is all on me.

Given I have hundreds of posts. Going through and reassigning everything will take some time. I will be going back through each post at least twice and creating pages and landing pads as I go.

Admittedly I am starting on the smaller section before I brave the bulk but starting small also helps me learn and get more efficient. It is all learning and it is frustrating and time consuming and right now a little bit difficult, I can only hope that the end results are worth the pain. If not, at least I will have a new skill.

Given I’ve been talking about it for months and months I’m slightly proud that I’ve made a start. Making the start kind of breaks the website so I have to keep going.

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