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WordPress: Using (redirect) plugins to enhance a theme

Redirect plugin

I am updating my blog and over the weekend we had a huge amount of trouble getting the blog to do what I wanted. One solution I found was using plugins to enhance a theme.

Currently my theme has a featured post which is allocated by the featured tag. I have changed my tag from the suggested word “featured” to “main” because this post is the main image on my home page.

Ideally I would have had a page set up but I couldn’t tag a page so I had to create a post and tag it.

The Travel PAGE set up properly without the featured image.

My post and page didn’t format the same and that made me sad. I had two of the same thing but one existed only because the theme required a tag to fill in the box and the page I wanted to sit there couldn’t handle a tag.

Triston tried to customise a theme for me but I worked out pretty quickly, after two days, that it would be easier to find a way to work around this. I asked Triston if he could come up with something but he was then busy with his own things and needed to think about it.

I hopped over to google and also my plugins and searched for a redirect plugin. Google indicated they worked. I picked one with good reviews but only had simple functionality. A lot come with a host of benefits, or were not compatible with what I already have installed. All I needed was to redirect a click on the post to the page, that way the formatting would be the same.

The travel "POST" that I don't want people to see but the featured image I want to use. Using (redirect) plugins to enhance a theme
My Post. The post feature image is wanted for the home page but if someone clicks on the post I want them to see the travel page not this post purely because one has a feature image and one doesn’t. Go on click it – you can’t get to this post.

I had already duplicated the contents of the page as a post so it might seem silly to redirect but I am tidying up and streamlining my website. It is important to me to understand how my page works and links together and for it to function the way I hope. When I click on the image I want to go to the page formatted as the page not the slightly different post.

So, I learnt that there is a simple redirect plugin that I can easily install, activate and use. I have it on, I have the post redirected to the page and now that it is installed it shows at the bottom of each post page.

Using (redirect) plugins to enhance a theme and what is looks like at the bottom of my page
This now sits at the bottom of my page, above YOAST SEO

It is actually meant to catch errors so you don’t see a corrupt page or generic error. For now, I haven’t set any of that up. I don’t understand it or know how to do it but it does work for the one thing I wanted it to do.

Setting it up was through the dashboard.

Using (redirect) plugins to enhance a theme. The plugin in question

It was super easy, once I activated it, I clicked on Quick Redirects and was taken to the below page:

Using (redirect) plugins to enhance a theme, the page I used to set the redirection

In requested URL I pasted the link to the post that I didn’t want people to see (and now I can take all of the data out of that page and have just the featured image as content in that page as no one will see it – but I need the image to be tagged main, this the post and the image must stay).

For destination, the URL of the PAGE was pasted and away I went. I tested it. It worked. I was a happy camper. All of 5 minutes. Less, but I had to have the thought to do it first.

My redirect URLS. Using (redirect) plugins to enhance a theme.

What I wanted was a custom built website but Triston doesn’t know the language for it and the logic was a bit much to handle over a weekend. I will settle for picking a theme that captures most of what I wanted and then adding to it with plugins and maybe some custom code here and there.

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