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Waiting for the test results

The results haven’t come back yet, we didn’t expect them too but we are allowed to hope. Though if it is positive, I would rather it take longer because what happens next is a bit daunting. We don’t really know what happens next. We can’t get someone to cat sit here because the apartment would have covid if we both had covid but Lola would probably have it if we both have it.


I found rice in the cupboard, so we have managed to make a meal with the rice and sauces. We do still have one soup left. Neither of us wanted to eat it again so I had to dig.

We also have oats in the cupboard, that will get us through breakfast, soup for lunch, there is left over rice so dinner will be covered if we still can’t leave.

I am not sure if I am allowed to leave so I won’t because if he has it I would have it. We are allowed to get things delivered but why risk it. They do the contactless deliveries here but maybe our doorbell has the virus on it. We can make do and hopefully just wait it out.

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