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Waiting on a plumbers report

We spoke with the building manager today. Well, I did, Triston was in a work meeting (phone meeting). We need the plumbers report to say what is wrong. Once we have that the building manager can tell us if it is them or us who have to pay for the damage. He told us if it is one thing, the building covers that, if it is another we pay for that.

Almost a week after we were told we would get the report, we got a rushed one. The plumbers decided that they would dictate what our strata by laws deem as their responsibility and what wouldn’t and didn’t bother to give details of the tests performed. So, Triston called them back but it was after hours. That report isn’t useful. I don’t know why they would make assumptions about who covers what, the owner or the building. Some Strata’s are very different.

Our building has a budget for any apartment with the original bathrooms for their water proof membrane thing. I believe they are aware of a fault so as they fail they will repair the bathrooms, which is a substantial job considering it is the waterproofing. Everything has to come out for new waterproofing. But our plumbing report says – owner pays for waterproofing. Um, how do you know? Do you know our strata terms and by-laws.

Anyway, the report wasn’t worth the weeks wait. We will see what happens tomorrow. We need something to give to the building manager so that he can decide.

We wait.

One thing we know for sure, the whole ensuite basically needs to be torn out and put together new. Expensive but necessary. I would rather not pay if the building will.

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