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We Bare Bears at Kumoya Singapore

Way back at the start of the year we noticed a statue of the We Bare Bears, at the time I didn’t know what they were. Triston did. On a subsequent walk we stopped for a photo.

Once lockdown happened, Starhub gave us more channels with our cable tv. We were now able to watch the Cartoon Network and they were running We Bare Bears a few times a day.

While everyone else was binge watching the Tiger King, we were binge watching Ice Bear, Charlie, Chloe, avoiding Grizz and Nom Nom heavy episodes where we could and indifferent on old Pan Pan.

We got to see the origin story of their “stack”, I think we had to watch 253 episodes to get to that point. Netflix in Singapore has a few seasons but not all.

Then, before the tougher restrictions came in the circuit breaker, we walked past again and I googled. I noticed it was a cafe. The Kumoya cafe. Online it said the cafe was set to change its theme on the 12th of April but lockdown, I was hoping, could change that.

Today, now that we are in phase two and can dine in, I sent a message. Was the theme still WBB and could we dine in? They have extended the theme for a month, yay. We were able to get a seat today and it was glorious.

I had the Ice Bear chicken katsu burger, Triston had curly fries and kaarage chicken and we had iced drinks – chocolate for me, coffee for him.

There is a sound track, the theme song comes on every so often. Very upbeat and recognisable.

The food isn’t cheap but it is tasty. It isn’t ridiculously expensive either. It is actually a pretty standard price but we just don’t pay those prices any more. We are so used to out cheap eats pricing that the Australian standard cost of food seems a bit expensive to us now.

It felt like a holiday, to be out, to be eating out. We left out masks on until food arrived. We were given bags to store out masks in.

It was nice to be in such a bright, happy place. I wonder what their next theme should be. Maybe I should suggest Bluey?

The service was great, if you feel like a wholesome themed meal out, I do recommend but We Bare Bears are only available for a few more weeks. I am so happy and satisfied that we got to go.

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