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We booked for Universal

I wasn’t sure if we should wait or go right away. The park is only open from 2pm-9pm so even on a week night it wouldn’t be too bad. Actually, they are only opening Thursday to Sunday and at a maximum of 25% capacity so we decided to book.

The website wasn’t great so the only way I could find out if a day was available was to try and book it. We thought about going today but it was booked out, makes sense. So I went one by one through the next days, we are booked in for next Sunday. That is the last day of a long weekend here. Not sure how I feel about that.

25% maximum capacity sounds good though. I am not sure what capacity is, or what 25% of that is but hopefully we can get in, go on some rides and get out without coming into contact with too many people.

I am not too sure how I feel about resuming normal activities, generally, but we avoid people as much as possible so it should be ok.

Here’s to next weekend. A long weekend. A Universal Studios weekend.

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