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We have our first visitors today

We are somewhere around 105 days into our expat journey and our first visitors arrive. We have friends from the Andaz, not socialising friends but people we can talk to and we probably could be real friends, just too busy at the moment.

Today though, we have family coming. It is an Aunt and Uncle on my side but TW has known them for a very long time and sometimes refers to them as my second parents. My actual parents used to live really far, so I didn’t see them as much or when I did TW had work or Uni – back in the early days but we could always go 40 minutes to visit my Aunt and Nan. We used to use their house as our holiday house. Well, we saw Nan until she moved out which was a year or two later. So, he has known them for a really long time.

TW is excited to see if they have the same enthusiasm for the things we like as we do. He thinks he will be a little sad when people don’t think the flower dome is as good as he thinks it is. So, he is hoping that our first visitors don’t feel that way. I am pretty confident that it will be fine.

I did hope that my parents would be the first visitors but we are both happy just to have visitors and see if the love Singapore like us. They aren’t staying with us, probably a wise choice, there is space but I am not sure that there is comfort in our sofa beds. There could be, we haven’t checked. I have thought about getting mattress toppers for them (we have two click-clack sofa beds at the moment) but if no one visits it is a bit of a waste. The toppers are kind of expensive.

Just a few more hours and they will be here.

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