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Wearing face masks

I don’t understand why this is such a hot topic for debate.

Science and medical professionals now all agree they make a large difference.

Asian countries which have had to deal with many airborne viral pandemics in the past – swine flu, bird flu, MERS. They advocate for masks, they got the outbreaks under control, they have been through it before.

Why is America, Australia, the UK, it seems generally the Western countries, why are they fighting it.

Just mandate it and be done with it. It is good public health safety messaging to tell the public to wear them when out. Yeah, it’s not the most comfortable thing but also nor are borders being closed, lockdowns being enforced or death. So really it is a slight discomfort, that you get used to very quickly, for a global greater good.

Learn from those countries who have battled pandemics multiple times in the last 10 years maybe? Ergh.

Just because you don’t have to doesn’t mean you shouldn’t and just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

We don’t like wearing them, they are mandatory here, we have no issues with wearing them because it is good for everyone. Even once the rules relax we will likely wear them a lot more than we had previously – which is never. We had never worn a face mask before. You know what, it is hardly a sacrifice. Keeping everyone else healthy, keeps us all healthy.

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