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What a week

I learned a lot. Got my stitches out. Had to continue with the antibiotic gel for a few days and because of Lola I kept it covered though I was told I didn’t need to cover it any more.

It doesn’t look too bad. Still pink at the moment and will be for a while but decent. The sides are a little pinched together but I guess that is to be expected and over time that might go away because it did on my other arm. Basically the same scar but the original was from a fight that I lost against barbed wire and a kangaroo. I was the only casualty in that conflict so it wasn’t too bad.

Tomorrow I will update everything I learned since I last posted. I wouldn’t say I put a lot of effort in but I started to put more effort in on Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday I tried to put effort in but I want to a friends house to study and we mostly chatted. I did listen to some online lessons on the way there and back and passed two tests online when I got home. Only, I probably could have completed those months ago if I bothered to try.

So. Here’s to trying in the days and weeks ahead. I am pretty confident I can learn it as fast as I need to if I can be bothered. Triston will need to start soon if he is going to learn it in time but he has a course to finish before he can start. He said he could do both at once but given he has a full time job it just isn’t reasonable to think he can do both. Plus, he has to pass the course he is enrolled in now for work to refund him the enrollment fee, which wasn’t cheap, so he should focus on that.

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